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Diplomaticos No. 2

The full-bodied Diplomaticos No. 2
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  • Diplomaticos, No. 2, Kuba, Piramides
Worth knowing This brand was created in 1966 as a lighter and milder alternative to Montecristo launched. Of the 7 Vítolas, unfortunately only this Pyrámide has remained in the portfolio; otherwise Diplomáticos are only available as... more
Product description

Worth knowing

This brand was created in 1966 as a lighter and milder alternative to Montecristo launched. Of the 7 Vítolas, unfortunately only this Pyrámide has remained in the portfolio; otherwise Diplomáticos are only available as regional editions. The “little sister” the famous MC no. 2 , however, it only corresponds to a limited extent, since it certainly has its own charming character. The cheapest Cuban Big Torpedo, but just as fine as the others! Smoking time approx. 75 - 90 minutes.


Certain parallels to the aroma of Montecristo are actually there – such as the unmistakable cocoa note that accompanies the entire smoke in the background, and a gentle, earthy roasted taste. However, there are also other facets of taste – fine scent of hay, for example, a fairly intense sweetness (especially in the first third), also charming spicy notes. A noble, multi-layered cigar that exhibits the typical increase in strength (from rather light to good medium) and flavor intensity as the smoke progresses. A real price-performance winner that has many fans among connoisseurs.

Cigar brand: Diplomaticos
Warengruppe: Zigarren
Format: Piramides
Ringmaß: 50
Länge in cm: 15,56
Country of origin tobacco: Kuba
Country of origin binder: Kuba
Country of origin cover sheet: Kuba
Stärke: mittel
Flavors: Gewürze, Kakao, Roasted flavours
The Brand Diplomaticos

Diplomáticos ist eine vergleichsweise junge Marke aus den 60er Jahren des 20. Jahrhunderts. Ursprünglich sollen diese Zigarren speziell für den Verkauf in Frankreich bestimmt gewesen sein. Viele Details erinnern an die Marke Montecristo. So zum Beispiel bei der Bezeichnung der Formate. Statt Namen, werden bei den Diplomáticos die gleichen Nummern-Codes zur Bezeichnung der Formate wie bei Montecristo verwendet. Die Mischung ist etwas leichter gehalten, als die von Montecristo. Derzeit wird in Kuba nur noch das Pirámide-Format dieser Marke gefertigt: Die Diplomaticos No.2.

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